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At Forever Ink in Akron, OH we specialize in scalp micropigmentation, also known as scalp tattoo.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an option to the problem of thinning hair and baldness for men. Whether it’s a receding hairline, diffuse weakening of hair on the crown, alopecia areata or total baldness, there is an SMP procedure and hairline choice to create your desired outcome.


Scalp Micropigmentation works for anyone experiencing hair loss, regardless of age or ethnicity, and is especially suited to men who keep their hair close cut or shaved but yearn for the aesthetics of a hairline and added hair density. A non-invasive process, SMP is able to restore receded hairlines, fill in thinning hair, disguise the bald crown area, and even camouflage former hair transplant scars. Scalp Micropigmentation rejuvenates both hairlines and our clients, reversing the effects that baldness and thinning hair can have on an individual’s self-confidence.

Some photos depicted on this site are compliments of Scalp Aesthetics